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Releasing & Letting Go

Releasing & Letting Go

Releasing & Letting Go

Emotions out of balance are like toxins in our body. Since all systems in the body are interrelated when one is affected, all are affected. However, a specific system is initially affected before the others depending on the emotion.

Anger – Liver
Resentment – Gallbladder
Small Intestine – Vulnerability
Large Intestine – Feeling Stuck
Stomach – Disgust
Heart – Shock
Adrenals – Panic
Kidneys – Fear
Spleen/Pancreas – Self Esteem
Lung – Grief
Bladder – Irritated

The question is “how can you release and let go of these unbalanced emotions on your own?” I call it the “Release and Let Go Letter.” The following are my steps on how I do it, but you can make it your own.

  1. At night, when you are alone and peaceful, grab a paper and pen.
  2. The 1st person that comes to your mind is the person you should write the letter to.
  3. Write EVERYTHING you feel. Try not to think just feel.
  4. When you feel you have gotten everything out, at the bottom of the letter write “I forgive you and I forgive myself. Peace be with you and peace be with me.”
  5. Sign the letter, do NOT read it, fold it and place it somewhere safe till the morning.
  6. Go to sleep peacefully.
  7. When you arise in the morning, grab the following:
    1. metal bucket
    2. lighter or matches
    3. your letter
  8. Open your letter and read it calmly. Notice thoughts in your mind, but do not focus too hard on them. Remember you are not reliving your emotions, you are recognizing them and letting them go.
  9. Light the letter on fire in the metal bucket, and as you see it burning and the smoke rising, say to yourself as much as you feel you need to say it- “I release and let go.”
  10. Once the letter has completely burned into ashes and the bucket has cooled, grab it and toss the ashes into the wind saying, “I have released and let go and it is gone.”

This has help me more than you can imagine. I have been able to recognized anger I had deep inside of me hidden. Through this technique, I have released anger and sadness and have started rebuilding relationships. Keep in mind you might need to write multiple letters to the same person because each time you write a letter it is like peeling away at a layer in an onion. You can also write multiple letters to different people in one night, but only 1 letter per person per night. I find I can only handle 2 letters/people per night. It takes a lot out of me.

Unbalanced emotions are a lesson. Be grateful for the lesson and let them go.

Peace be with you.

Written by: Nicholle Howard